Spiketown VBC Players and Parents,

We have entered into unchartered waters with the coronavirus and they are changing as quickly as a ferocious flooded river. We are working to come up with the best outcome for the players, parents and Spiketown. We all are dealing with this and it is not easy.

Refunds will be very difficult to do because so many factors go into club fees: gym rental, purchase of balls, carts & uniforms, coaches pay, registration fees, delinquent club fees, money lost due to not being able to host our tournaments, delay of return of tournament entry fees and several other money matters that go into the cost of running the club. 

 At this time we would like to do the following:

We will give everyone full credit for next year, minus a pro rating for those who were able to play in some of their tournaments.

Everyone keep their uniform in a safe place and keep it for next year. We will use the same uniform style and color. New players that may be added after tryouts will receive same style and color uniform.

If you do NOT keep your uniform you will be required to pay for a new uniform. If your size changes Spiketown will cover the cost of a new uniform, if the old uniform has been turned in, like new condition. 

We will be working closely with the OVR and USA Volleyball over the next several weeks to determine our next steps. We will continue to keep you informed as information is given to us.

Please wash your hands like your mother has always wanted you to and stay healthy. 


Thank you,