last updated: 12/9/22


Emma Carroll- PIF

Ava Shull-PIF

Lilly Steele-PIF

Jenna Bainter-PIF



Zephyr Patterson- PIF

Ila Wilburn

Olivia Cox

Ally Cox

Ava McCoy-PIF

Amelia Johnson

Kennedy Belton- 1st

Aubrey Lindsey

Bella Williams

Ella Allman

Loralei Tatman-PIF

Maezie Huddleston

Korynn Arms-PIF

Sofia Huffman-1st

Sophie Wheeler-1st

Adelyn Cooper


Natalee Leist-PIF

Ashton Depugh

Paisley Beeler-PIF

Addy Francis-1st

Kara Spetnagel

Emma Spetnagel

Mallory Sheets-1st

Jadynn Meddock-1st

Sydney Reynolds

Lydia Coy-PIF

Isabella Welch-PIF

Lily McMurray-Unioto

Alivia Book-1st

Paisley Page-PIF

Aliena Fredrickson

Adrianna Hitchens


Khloe Smith

Elizabeth Erwin-PIF

Camryn Gillium-PIF

Alexa Smith-1st

Skylehn Bittiter

Tinleigh Coriell-PIF

Peyton Wurzbach-1st

Isabella Jones-1st

London Carroll

Braelynn Fultz-1st

Brynlee Karnes

Fiona Parks-PIF

Leah Wiseman-PIF

Madelyn Wiseman-PIF

Delaney Roberts-1st

Jordyn Mills

Aveah Captain

Emma Wright

Emmalee Young

Kennadi Moon

Layken Slack-PIF

Macy Fauber-PIF

Addilynn Juillerat

Taelyn Shriver


Sydnee Wade

Kinzi Batson

Layla Amnay-1st

Rylan Pellietier

 Ava Ricer-1st

Chloe Augustine-1st

Lydia Black

Kierra Blankenship-1st

Karley Tackett

Jolie Ingham-PIF

Kylee Dunn-PIF

Briley Kirkbride-1st

Willow Kirkbride-1st 

Chloe Riffle-1st

Leighton Keiser-1st

Peyton Allerton-PIF

Kaci Young-1st

Chevelle Payne

 Maddox Lawless-1st

Josie Perry-PIF

Jordyn Stark-PIF 

Anna Tackage-

Kynnedy Willis

Hailey Lemaster


Lydia Williams-

Kyra Francis-

Amelia Montgomery-1st

Abby Schrader-PIF

Amelia Womack-1st

Carlee Conaway-1st

Neveah Hutton-1st

Izabella Canter-1st

Shelby Wise-1st

Macy Strausbaugh-PIF

Kendall Depaugh-

Ava Kirby-

Lizzy Turner-1st

Anzli Beatty-Shoemaker-

Taylor Hutton-PIF

Audrey King-PIF

Caitlyn  Weber-1st

Gwyn Sayers-PIF

Molly McCune-

Halle Woodside-PIF

Alexis Barrows-

Caitlin Dyer-

Alexis Dawson-1st

Karoline Wetzel

Ellie Mays


Cecilia Robinson-

Ella Osborne-1st

Ava Patterson-PIF

Lilly Steele-PIF

Emma Carroll-PIF

Kaylin Sheppard-PIF

Aubrey Meade-PIF

Katelyn Bock-1st

Ava Stevens

Ellie Stevens-PIF

McKenzie Karshner-1st

Ava Hines-PIF

Emma Figgins-

Kylea Spangler-

Jenna Bainter-

Ava Schull-

Bella Schull-

Larkin Vulgamore-

Emily Arnold-1st

Tylee Davis-

Paige Evans-1st

Colie Muraresci-PIF

Remi Moon-1st

Natalie Ragan-PIF

Chloe Roberts-PIF

Allie Roush-1st

Kayla Seeling-PIF

Ryan Wagoner-PIF

Carlee Huff-1st

Emilee Leedom- 1st

Melissa Hice-1st

Hallie Rummer-1st

Brooklyn Radcliff-1st

Rylee Stivers-1st

Kara Tapp-PIF

Matalyn Mcgee

Addison Shupert-PIF


 Kyleah Toney-

Jarika Mick- 

Callie Glassburn-1st

Scotti Quigley-1st

Morgan Tucker-1st

Emma Holsinger-

Addalyn Conaway- 

Bre Puckett


Morgan Malott-PIF

Braylee Rebman

Carleigh Furniss-

Jillian Forbes

Ashley Delph-PIF

Katelyn Gardner-1st

Coralee Akers

Katie Cook-1st

Macy Holland-1st

Aerris Shiltz-

 Maryn Smith-

Jordan Mead- 

Addy Brewster-PIF

Breleigh Tackett-1st

Evon Reed-

London Keiser-1st


Isabella Vesey

Savannah Tolle

Carly Dyer-1st

Mackenna Heath

Reagan Ruby

Savannah Givan

Presley Manson


17's BOYS:

Jackson Thomas-1st

Elijah Hardiesty-1st

Alec Martin-1st

Drew Bowers-1st

Isaac Martin-PIF

Lucas Sprague-

Aaron Ballentine-

Maddox Arledge- 1st

Players Missing 1st Payments will appear in RED.

Players Missing Contracts will appear in YELLOW.


Teams are subject to change due to injuries, additional teams added or contracts not accepted.  Please continue to check for an updated listing. 


All contracts will need to be signed and returned by mail: 40 S. Walnut Street, Unit 298, Chillicothe, OH 45601 or by email to


Contracts for all individuals placed on a team will be emailed to the address used to register with OVR.