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Spiketown Volleyball Club Handbook


Club Mission Statement:

Spiketown Volleyball Club was created in 2011.  Spiketown Volleyball Club was created with the mission to provide southern Ohio athletes with more opportunities and experience in the sport of volleyball. 

Spiketown Executive Board Members:

Director: Kristin Posey

Assistant Director: Gavin Patterson

Treasurer: Lori Dresbach

Secretary: Emily Dresbach


Coach’s Responsibilities: 

  1. To teach proper technique and fundamentals to all players. 

  2. To teach and apply proper strategies. 

  3. To communicate clearly, to each player, the role on the team. 

  4. To balance hard work, fun, and discipline. 

  5. To create a positive, growth based, and trusting environment for athletes.

  6. To act as a positive role model for players both on and off the court. 

  7. To prepare players for any and all situations that might occur when playing in a match. 

Player’s Rules & Regulations:

As a member of the club, it is critical to understand that you represent yourself and your club, coaches, family, and the Spiketown Volleyball Club community at all times. Whether you are on or off the court, we expect all players to maintain a positive image that reflects highly on all of the activities and behaviors described below.

Player Expectations:

  1. To attend all practices and tournaments. If for some reason a player is going to miss a practice or match, it is the player’s responsibility to contact the coach directly as far in advance as possible.

  2. Be a team player; the team comes first, always and no matter what.

  3. Have a positive attitude at all times; encourage and support your teammates to the best of your ability whether you are on the court or on the sidelines. Being a great teammate is always expected at Spiketown.

  4. Be a leader on and off the court.

  5. Stay focused, mindful, and display a strong work ethic at every practice and tournament.

  6. Always show respect to all teammates, parents, coaches and officials.

  7. Do not provide, use, or condone the use of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or recreational drugs. The use of any illegal substance will not be tolerated and could result in dismissal from the club.

Practice Rules:

Practices will be held at various sites throughout the local area. Due to Spiketown not having their own facility, practice locations may change.  Spiketown works diligently to keep practice drive time under 60 minutes.

  1. Players should be at practice at least 15 minutes early so they have time to put on shoes/kneepads and be ready to begin practice right at the start time.

  2. Players need to bring their own water bottle to every practice so that they stay well hydrated and water breaks can be taken quickly.

  3. Come to practice mentally prepared; have personal goals set for yourself before each practice.

  4. If a player is going to miss a practice, they must inform their coach directly and in advance.

  5. Practice the way you want to play at tournaments.

  6. Take care of our facilities - Remove all water bottles, towels, etc. from the floor. Replace equipment quickly and neatly, exactly as or better than you found it. There will be zero tolerances toward any destruction within or outside of the premises.

  7. Practices will usually be held 2-3 times a week but can be changed at the discretion of the coach. 

  8. All athletes are required to set up nets, poles, and accessories prior to practice.   Each athlete is required to assist in putting away all equipment.  Players are not allowed to leave the premises until their coach releases them.

Playing Time:

  1. All players will have equal opportunities to train and play during practice.

  2. Players are NOT guaranteed equal playing time during tournaments and coaches will make playing time decisions based on what they think will bring success to the team as a whole.

  3. Factors that can affect playing time are: attendance at practice, attitude and work ethic, leadership skills, team chemistry and performance during practices and matches.

  4. Players on the bench must encourage and show their support for players on the court. No bad attitudes will be tolerated.

Parent Code of Conduct:

  1. It is very important to cheer for our team, and not against another team. (Be positive and respectful at all times)

  2. Do not argue with or yell at officials or the work crew. Keep in mind; officials/work crews are trying to do their best and are human and make mistakes from time to time.

  3. Good sportsmanship is a vital component of Spiketown, so please be a good role model for your athlet and demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times just as we expect our athletes to.

  4. Aggressive or hostile confrontations between a parent and any coach, administrator, official, player, or other parents will not be tolerated and may result in parents losing the privilege to attend team tournaments or practices.

  5. Parents are never to discuss playing time or any concerns regarding strategic decisions with the coaches at a tournament or practice. If you have concerns, please set up a separate time to speak or meet with the coaches and do so at least 24 hours after a tournament.

  6. A parent’s role is to support their athlete and support the team they made a commitment to whether you agree with a coach’s decisions and strategies or not.

  7. Please consider how much time, energy, effort, and dedication your team’s coaches are putting into coaching the team for relatively little compensation. They do it because they are passionate about the sport of volleyball and want to pass that along and help your daughter/son and her/his teammates to be the best players, team, and people that they can be. Please be appreciative of their efforts and all that they do and know that they deserve your respect and support and that all of our coaches are always well intentioned and have the best interests of their teams in mind.

  8. IMPORTANT - REGARDING EMAILS AND TEXT MESSAGES: Parents are NEVER to express any concerns or ask questions relating to playing time, positions, lineups, or any kind of coaching decisions over email or text. Parents are welcome to discuss these matters in an appropriate setting but must do so by arranging a time to meet with the coaches and their athlete in person.


Most tournaments will be held within a 2-3 hour drive but may vary depending on your location. Some teams may be scheduled to have a two-day tournament.  At a two-day tournament, it is your choice to stay overnight nearby. Most directions to playing sites are available on the Ohio Valley Region website,

Rules for Tournaments:

  1. Arrive on time.  Usually 30 minutes prior to the first match.  Your coach will tell you when you need to be there.  Coaches will usually receive tournament information the week prior to the playing date.

  2. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from each tournament.

  3. Obey all food and beverage policies of the tournament or gym.  Players are encouraged to bring water, drinks, snacks, and food to tournaments.  Most sites have concessions available, but some do not.  COOLERS ARE NOT ALLOWED in tournament facilities.

  4. Bring shoes, warm-up, uniform top, spandex, and all proper attire that’s needed.

  5. Please notify your coach prior to the tournament if you are unable to attend.

  6. All players are responsible for cleaning up their area before leaving!  Players will not leave until their coach excuses them.

  7. Playing time is at the coaches’ discretion and coaches have been instructed to not discuss playing time with their athletes. However, if you have questions about areas of improvement, please do not hesitate to communicate with your coach.


  1. Officiating is the responsibility of the entire team.

  2. No player is ever allowed to leave the tournament while his/her team is officiating, unless instructed by the coach.

  3. Each coach will determine a procedure that his/her team will follow for officiating duties.




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