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Spiketown Volleyball Club Refund Policy


Spiketown Volleyball Club offers all-inclusive fees that provide the necessary funds for each team to compete for the entire season. Fees are determined by several factors, including, among other things, the level of the team, the uniform and apparel package, and number/type of tournaments. The fees also include funds to pay the fixed costs to run the Club, including, facility costs and maintenance, facility and club insurance, utilities, equipment, payments for team coaching, coaches training and certifications, staff salaries, administrative expenses, technology and webservices fees, taxes, debt service, and other business expenses.

When you accept an offer to participate, you accept the financial obligations for the entire club fee for that season. No refunds, partial or full, will be made to players who choose not to participate at any point after acceptance of the club contract. Prorated refunds may be considered at the discretion of the Club due to the cancellation of a season as a result of a government mandate and/or actions of applicable volleyball sanctioning associations, such as the Ohio Valley Region and USA Volleyball. Refund amounts due to the cancellation of a season will be estimated based upon an approximation of unused non-fixed costs associated with, and refunds received by the club as a result of, the cancellation of the season that are directly associated with the player and their team. Prorated refunds may consider the number of team practices and tournaments cancelled.

At the discretion of the Club, refunds may be provided through credits for future club fees.


Spiketown Volleyball Club reserves the right to waive this Refund Policy at its sole discretion at any time. Such waiver shall generally be in response to qualifying or highly unusual circumstances, and in no event shall the Club be obligated to waive this Refund Policy.


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